Energea Engineering S.r.l. is the company of the Energea Group that works exclusively on research and development projects, such as technological innovations and products in the renewable energies area, making relevant economic investments.

Energea Engineering is a young and dynamic company with a high qualified and skilled staff which aims at quality and thorough precision in details. The young researchers of the company are the core of it: they deal with every step, from the conception to the marketing of the products, and afterwards they are involved in performance optimization. Energea Engineering is closely collaborating with centres of excellence, such as the Physics Department of the University of Ferrara and the Istituto Giordano, above all for preliminary studies, projecting and development of prototypes; they contribute to increase the quality level of our research thanks to a close exchange of ideas and knowledge.


Lately Energea Engineering has been quickly expanding, for this reason in 2012 the company is going to equip a research laboratory only for its activities. This 500 m2 laboratory will be inside the new site of the Group, in Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna). It will be the fundamental instrument to be always on the forefront, studying more and more innovative, efficient and cheap products, testing them, optimizing time, resources and know-how.

All the furniture will comply to current laws, there will be appropriate instruments and machinery in order to follow each step of the research: conception, development, projecting, prototype manufacturing and optimization of the finished product.

The research hub will play a fundamental part for the company, it will support the manufacturing area providing optimizations and innovations of the production line. The laboratories will be located in the same building of the manufacturing area: this will lead to a constant exchange of information regarding problems which might arise during the mechanized stage of the manufacturing. By solving this problem, very high quality standards could be reached. This is a fundamental aspect in order to include the research and development work in a global view, from the idea to the commercial product.

The large rooms of the laboratory are needed since Energea Engineering is supervising several projects.


Energea Engineering has made and will make investments in order to dominate the international market providing innovative technological products at reasonable prices and simple to install.

The development of Solar Power System® is the project in the more advanced stage: it is a system which core is an innovative thermo-photovoltaic hybrid panel, a unique worldwide technology patented by Energea Engineering. This system allows us to produce electric energy and hot water at the same time and it fits perfectly in trigeneration systems. Energea Engineering avails itself of a partnership with the Physics Department of the University of Ferrara, represented by Prof. Vittore Carassiti, in order to carry out the prototype manufacturing and testing steps, and with Ing. Traina, in order to achieve the compliance with the UNI laws. Energea Engineering works in close collaboration with the Istituto Giordano which offers standard and impartial tests, this allows us to achieve the best efficiency and the European certification of the product. The introduction in the market of this new technology is going to happen in the next few months; after that there will be further steps in view of its optimization.

Several projects are in preliminary stage of development, of which the most important is the research of a cultivation suitable for planting in photovoltaic plants in order to exploit their vast areas. This project has come into being thanks to the partnership between Energea Engineering and the Agriculture Faculty of the University of Bologna.

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